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How to Drop a Hint

Written by Tonny Sethi


Posted on July 29 2019

We get it. You've started getting that feeling in your gut that maybe he'll pop the question, or maybe he's outright asked you what you enjoy. Here are our tips helping your significant other when goes to buy a ring.


How to Drop a Hint

  1. Make a Pinterest board
  2. Let your sister/best friend/brother/closest family member know what you like. Now is a great time to share that Pinterest board. You can also send them pictures from Instagram or Facebook

Not sure what you like?

Come see us! Our specialists are happy to help you look at rings you might enjoy.

You can also visit our Instagram and Pinterest to get an idea of different styles you like!

Buying for your significant other?

If she is sending you a board of what she likes, trust her choices. Our specialists will be able to identify the similarities from her choices to help find a style closest to her dream ring, or even recreate her ideal piece.