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Natural Diamond FAQ

Written by Tonny Sethi


Posted on December 31 2019

What is a lab created diamond?

A lab created diamond is a man-made diamond.

Do you sell lab-created diamonds?

We do not - we specialize in earth-mined gemstones and fine mined gemstone jewelry.

What if my diamond comes with a certificate from a laboratory?

A laboratory is only a name for a place where people can gather for research, teaching, and more. That said, there are laboratories across the globe that are purely institutes for researching, identifying and grading precious gemstones -- not manufacturing man-made diamonds.

Institutes and laboratories that provide reports for gemstones include but are not limited to:

  • The Gemological Institute of America
  • American Gem Society
  • International Gemological Institute 
  • EG Laboratory USA
  • GS Laboratories
  • American Gemological Laboratories

These institutes and laboratories are able to provide certifications with a gemstone’s color, clarity, and although each institute or lab may vary on their methods for determining a diamond’s 4C’s (Carat, Clarity, Cut, Color), these groups are all able to identify with certainty whether a diamond is mined or man-made.

The certificates that come with a gemstone may look like the following:

This is the Gemological Institute of America's Natural Diamond Report. At the top of this certificate on the left side, you can see on the header  "GIA Natural Diamond Grading Report". The Gemological Institute of America is a third-party institute that has one of the most rigorous methods for grading and identifying gemstones in the world. Their research frequently shapes how the industry is able to protect and educate their consumers, and their grading reports are frequently relied on to do so.

Why is it important to know whether my diamond is lab-created or mined?

The journey a diamond takes, whether a diamond is man-made or mined, is important. Secondly, the current market values natural, mined diamonds over man-made diamonds. In this market, a natural diamond is able to retain its value more than a man-made gemstone.