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Before You Go Ring Shopping

Written by Tonny Sethi


Posted on July 09 2019

1. Establish Your Budget

Talking with your partner before you shop can help your selection process run smoothly. Feel free to speak with us in advance or in private if you’d like us to pull rings within a specific price range.

Buying according to your budget doesn’t mean giving up on a glamorous ring. Our specialists can walk you through your options on the clarity, color, and cut of a variety of diamonds to give you a piece you will always treasure.

See something you enjoy but need a little time? We offer 12 months of interest-free financing to give you flexibility in your choices.

2. How much time do you have?

The minimum time required to create a custom engagement ring is two weeks. Depending on the complexity of the ring, rush jobs may be arranged.

3. Surprising your significant other?

White gold? Yellow Gold? Platinum?
A good indication for their metal color preference is looking at the jewelry they already own. Most people tend toward cooler, silver-colored jewelry, or more golden colors. Platinum and white gold tend to look silvery in color.

I don’t know what he/she likes.

Friends and family might be able to give you an idea of the style they like. If they have a Pinterest or Instagram account, you can see if they’ve ‘pinned’ or ‘liked’ any styles in particular. 
Some other factors you can use to guide your decision is how often you think your partner might bump into things, and whether their job requires them using their hands (vets, nurses, etc.)