About Us

Dr. Gold Buyer is proud to announce the change of the name to Dr. Gold Jewelry and Diamonds. We have been supplying diamonds to many of the retail jewelers in the Dallas market and across the country since 1984. Our mission is to become the diamond source for Dallas and North Texas by supplying diamonds at slightly above true wholesale prices, passing the savings to everyone and not just dealers and retailers.


Unlike most jewelry retail stores that mark diamonds up 2-3 times higher than wholesale, Dr. Gold Jewelry and Diamonds works with a 10-25% increase over their cost. We will be featuring loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings and pendants, as well as other colored stone jewelry. We specialize in colored diamonds to add a unique sparkle and brilliance to your custom jewelry designs. Dr. Gold can also provide you with investment diamonds for those concerned with the instability of the monetary system.

As always, Dr. Gold will buy any diamonds, including chipped, broken or off colored stones, at prices higher than any of their competition. You will now be able to trade your old diamonds for larger or better quality stones from our impressive diamond selection. Whatever size, shape or quality you are looking for Dr Gold Jewelry and Diamonds can make you and your loved ones smile.