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Common Services at Dr. Gold Jewelry and Diamonds

We leave it to the discretion of the head jeweler to determine the appropriate price and labor required to ensure the integrity of your pieces. Prices may be subject to change. We are happy to provide a quote before beginning a repair.

Services Starting At
Sizing Up (ring)$35 for 1 size (in 10K/14K/18K or Sterling Silver)

$15 for each additional size (in 10K/14K/18K or Sterling Silver)

TBD if stones in the ring require removal before sizing

$45 up 1 size (Platinum)

$20 each additional size (Platinum)

TBD if stones in the ring require removal before sizing
Sizing Down (ring)$30 for a simple sizing down

$15 additional per ring (for instance, you have multiple rings soldered together)

TBD if numerous sizes and stones in the ring
Re-Shank Ring (Half Shank)$100 (in 10K/14K/18K)

$150 (in Platinum)
Re-Shank Ring (Full Shank) $150 (in 10K/14K/18K)

$250 (in Platinum)
Repair a Broken Necklace/Chain$15 if it requires only one solder (10K/14K/18K or Sterling Silver)

$25 if it requires only one solder (Platinum)

$10 per laser weld - must determine the number of welds for final pricing
Clasp Repair or Replacement (Bracelet/Necklace)$20 if spring or latch can be repaired

TBD if clasp requires replacement
Set Center Stone Diamond (ring/bracelet/necklace/earring)TBD
Set Center Stone (Other Gemstones)$50
Set Side Stones (ring/bracelet/necklace) - diamonds or other gemstones$25 for the first stone

$15 for each additional stone
Re-Tip Ring$20 for the first tip (in 10K/14K/18K or Sterling Silver)

$10 each additional tip (10K/14K/18K or Sterling Silver
Re-Tip Ring$30 for the first tip (in Platinum)

$15 each additional tip (in Platinum)
Written Insurance Appraisal$75 for the first appraisal

$50 for each additional appraisal (on a per day basis)
Simple Cleaning (ultrasonic and steaming)Free!
Full Service Cleaning (all jewelry excluding watches)Free!
Includes buffing, ultrasonic, steaming, rhodium or gold plating$25 per item
Change Stud Post (Friction to Screw back, or Screw back to Friction)$35 per pair (10K/14K/18K or Sterling Silver or Platinum)
Pearl Re-String$5 per inch (double-knot)
Engraving$15 set up fee and $1 per letter

It is up to the jeweler's discretion for whether this service may be performed on a given piece of jewelry.
Watch Battery$15-$25